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Welcome to Roger’s Roost

RogersRoost_HomePage_1Most towns in America have a favorite eatery where people feel at home, where families meet and where strangers who happen along accidentally leave as friends. For more than 40 years in Sterling Heights, one such place has been Roger’s Roost.

“It’s like the neighborhood bus stop,” said Carl Louis Schmidt, manager of the restaurant and former member of the neighborhood. “I’ve seen families come in with their kids and sit in the dining room, and then years later seen the kids return as adults sitting in the sports bar. A lot of people grew up coming here.”

What’s so special about Roger’s Roost?. It has fabulous food. That’s why it’s still around and always busy. But its niche and the first thing that people notice is the nostalgic décor that adorns the walls, ceilings and restrooms. It strikes a cord with young and old, showing them a time when a full tank of gas was no more than the change in their pockets.

Young people can dine on ribs and chicken with their child tucked safely in a highchair next to them, while another young couple is enjoying cocktails and a game of pool in the bar, affectionately knows as Roger’s “Rhino Room”.

No matter what the event might be – an anniversary, birthday, first date or Monday’s lunch hour – people are treated like family. It’s got that familiar, always welcome feeling to it.